Remote Mouse Use your computer with your smartphone

Remote Mouse: You may be one of those who are used to using your computer with a mouse and a keyboard. So it seems quite difficult to handle a laptop with the touchpad only if you forget about your mouse.Remote Mouse

The Remote Mouse is a free mobile app that turns your smartphone into a mouse and keyboard.

Although it's not like a regular mouse or keyboard, it works amazingly well.

The application is available for all major mobile operating systems (Windows Phone, iOS and Android), and requires you to install an application on your Windows or Mac device to connect it to your smartphone.

Then you can use your finger on the smartphone screen to move the mouse pointer to the connected device screen. Press once or twice for left or right click, move the windows, or move using two fingers.

A tap on the keyboard icon on your smartphone will allow you to type using your phone keypad. Another tap on your device list will take you to the installed programs you can run directly from your phone.

After installing the app on your smartphone and app on your computer, you'll notice that your smartphone will take over your computer automatically. This will happen if both are connected to the same wireless network.remote

Remote Mouse turns your smartphone into a mouse and if you pay a few dollars you can add extra features that will make it a media remote control on your PC or Mac.

You can find the application from here.

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