Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10. You do not need it.

Internet Explorer is still in millions of computers and no one cares. Not even Microsoft. Is it time to remove it?


Somewhere back there, deep in your programs, there is also Internet Explorer. Do you remember him? And while even Microsoft has forgotten about it and is promoting the Edge (at least trying) by equipping it with Chromium, Internet Explorer, even if you do not use it, is still on your system, as if ghost of the last decade.

Does nothing. It sits quietly in a corner and unlike the Edge, there are no Windows 10-based features, so you can remove it freeing up space.

How to remove Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer can be removed from Control Panel. Open Control Panel and click Programs and Features. On the left side of the window, click Enable or Disable Windows Features.

This will open a list of Windows features that are installed on your system. Scroll down and you will find Internet Explorer 11. Clear the selection and click OK.

You will receive an on-screen notification informing you that removing Internet Explorer 11 may affect other features and programs in Windows and asking you to confirm that you want to remove it. Click "Yes" and the installation will be uninstalled.

It will take some time to uninstall and once it does, you will need to restart your system. Once your system is restarted, Internet Explorer will truly become history.

If you ever need to restore it for any reason, which is unlikely, you can do it. The process is simple. Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features. Click the same option "Enable or disable Windows features" and from the list of options, select the box next to Internet Explorer and click OK. Windows 10 will install the browser again, you will need to restart your system for the change to take effect.

Internet Explorer 11 is not even the default browser in Windows 10 when you install it. He is there because he was always there !!!. It's a part of the old windows though Windows 10 has more users than Windows 7 now now. Many websites are still working properly in this browser and that is why it is still there. No feature that Microsoft has added to Windows 10 relies on Internet Explorer to work. Uses either Cortana or Edge.

There is also the possibility that at some point Microsoft will eventually remove the browser on its own. Rejecting a browser, especially a browser that has been in the main operating system for over twenty years, is not the same as with the Paint application. Strangely enough, many users still rely on this browser. It may not be safe or reasonable, but there are people who still use it because it is simply a matter of habit.

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