Rent Apple Watch for testing before you buy it

Apple Watch is here, and it looks like it will make many rich people apart from the production company.

The startup rental and sale Lumoid gadgets offers those who are interested in the device the opportunity to rent a Apple Watch before deciding whether to buy it or an apple watch

The Apple Watch and the Apple Sport Watch will be available for Mashable rental. Of course we could not expect to rent the expensive model of the Apple Watch Edition which will be sold for 10.000 dollars.

Rental rates will start at 45 dollars for the regular version. Of these 25 dollars are deducted if you decide to buy the watch. For the Sport version, the rental price is at 55 dollars and if you decide to buy it 30 dollars will be deducted from your purchase.

For rental and testing there is waiting list since the watch will be released by 24 in April. The company it looks to trade with Greece as well.

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