Rescatux: Fixes for Windows and Linux

Did something break in your operating system? Before you go to a computer technician, try Rescatux, a Linux operating system that can help you save your data and fix your operating system!


Rescatux is a very good Linux and Windows system restore functionality. It's portable, lightweight, and can work from USB or CD / DVD, though its graphics are crap as you can see below.

Rescatux is popular with the Linux community due to its unlimited capabilities and the ability to quickly browse many different file systems.

It's an easy tool to customize the Grub bootloader, a password reset tool, and comes with rescue options for specific Windows.

Rescatux Important Features

Rescatux can fix both bootloaders with Windows and GNU / Linux Grub installations.
It can restore Windows Master Boot Record, and reinstall Windows EFI.
Rescatux can restore or replace the Sudoer file (in case of loss).
Live Disk comes with file-scanning tools that allow users to fix and clean damaged hard drives (internal and external drives are supported).
Rescatux can reset the password of a system, allowing you to reconnect to a locked computer. It can also change existing users to Admins.
It is based on Debian and has a handy UI, which ensures that even beginners can use it.
The Rescatux Live Disc can update the Grub menu for most Linux installations.
Rescatux supports both versions of Grub (Grub 1 and Grub 2) and can fix the startup problems quite easily.

Download ISO (Floppy, CD & USB in one)
For i386, x86_64, i386-efi and x86_64-efi:

Super Grub2 Disk (CD & USB in one) 2.02s10 (ISO)

EFI x86_64 standalone version:

EFI i386 standalone version:

CD & USB in one downloads:


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