Researchers Night NTUA Researchers' Night at the NTUA

Consistent in its appointment, for the 5th consecutive year, the National Technical University of Athens, organizes on Friday, September 28, 2018 the "Researcher's Night" at NTUA, in the emblematic Averoff building of the Historical Complex of Patissia (5 pm to midnight).

The event is part of the European Commission's initiative, which has evolved into a pan-European institution to familiarize the public with the wonderful world of research. It is worth noting that the event takes place every year on the last Friday of September, where 1.500.000 visitors to more than 300 European cities come into contact with technology and innovation, participating in the Researchers' Evening.

The main objective of the Researchers' Night at the NTUA is to promote the work of researchers and to highlight to the general public the importance and the innovation of their achievements, the role of the Greek Public University in Science and its contribution to society and its development country.

Research teams from the NTUA and the Universities of Athens

With the aim of improving the social recognition of researchers, raising awareness and informing the public about research results, and raising the interest and professional orientation of young people in research professions, innovative research achievements are being demonstrated by more than one 100 research team.

The public, the citizens of Athens, particularly students, students and teachers, will have the opportunity to interact with students and researchers this year, participating in a range of activities with original experiments, on-site measurements and applications with high-tech scientific instruments and demonstrations technical devices and models. At the historic entrance of the building, the public will receive standard vehicles manufactured by NTUA research teams. On the patio, a series of surprises await visitors with smart unlocked mobile bikes and demonstrations with unmanned drone aircraft and educationally creative games.

Active participation

This year's Researchers' Night at the NTUA, taking part in the vision of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, includes special actions to get to know more, appreciate and enjoy the cultural heritage as many visitors as possible, and to stimulate the feeling of their European identity.

At the heart of the event, at the heart of the event, there will be four Thematic Corner, with special participations from student groups, institutions, institutions and institutions, highlighting Research and Education, Employment and Innovation, Development and Sustainability, as well as and the Marie Skłodowska Curie program of the European Commission.

Like every year, live links, events, photo, painting and text competitions and the now established Treasure Hunt will take place with this year's theme "In the Footsteps of Cultural Heritage," with surprises and many gifts, including the great Teacher's Gift from the Attic Zoological Park, while young and old will be able to watch the established and extremely successful performance by Athenian Shadow Company with Athos Danellis, "Karagiozis Paleopoulos". In the evening, as every year, the Percussion Team and the Music Department of the NTUA will join a unique music and audience association.

The event will be welcomed by the Rectorates of the Universities of Athens and the beginning of the evening will be announced by the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation, Kostas Fotakis. Next, the NTU's interdisciplinary contribution will be presented for the restoration of the Plaka Bridge in Epirus and the restoration of the Holy Tomb of the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem.

The audience will have the opportunity to get close to the researchers and their work, demystify the image of the inaccessible scientist and enjoy the magic of science.

Friday, 28 September 2018 National Technical University of Athens, Averof Building, Patissia Polytechnic from 5 in the afternoon to midnight.

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  • Scientific head of the project "SIERIF - reSearcH is sERIous Fun" for NTUA: Prof. Antonia Moropoulou (6932303337)
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