Reset the "Settings" application in Windows 10

The "Settings" application in Windows 10 has replaced the classic control panel that used to exist in Windows 7. However, sometimes this utility does not open or close immediately after your command.

Although when it becomes unresponsive you can close it from the Task Manager, Windows 10 in general does not provide an easy one of problems related to the “Settings” application. Of course, we can re-install it through it Windows PowerShell, but many users are not familiar with it .

It is relatively unknown to most people, but Windows 10 provides an easy way to reset Settings. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet talked about this capability and because of this, most users are not aware of it.

For all installed applications, the “Applications and ” located under “Applications” of Windows 10 settings, offers a reset option () of each application. However, the Settings app itself is not listed, despite the fact that there is a “hidden” option to reset it!

If the Settings app doesn't work properly or doesn't open, you can reset it through a sub located within it. Access to this reset option is in the Start menu! Let's see how.

Step 1: Open the Start menu or Home screen. Do it right click in the settings icon (with the the gear), click More, and then click “Application settings” to open the advanced options page of Windows 10 settings.

Alternatively, do with the word “Settings” and then right-click on the “Settings” application that you will get as a result of the search. In the sub-menu that will appear, click on “Application settings”.

Step 2: On this page, scroll down to see the "Reset" section.

Click the Reset button to see a small pop up. Click the Reset button in the Small pop up window to reset the Settings app.

When the restore is complete, the "Settings" application window will close automatically. You can now restart the Settings app.

As you can see in the picture above, the same page also offers an option to Quit the Settings app. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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