Results of Mozilla's decision to change search engine

The Mozilla Foundation decided a few months ago to change the default search engine from Google to Yahoo and it looks like their decision is starting to have an impact on Google, and especially in the US.firefox yahoo Mozilla

Changing the default search engine may not seem to be big for giants like Google, especially when users can change it as it ever was with just one click. But the problem comes from users who do not change anything on their computer. They do not use add-ons, do not customize browsers, and they certainly do not make any changes to the default settings.

Firefox is not the number one browser in the world, but it still exists on too many computers. So when big changes are made it is impossible to go unnoticed.

What many users do not know is that too much money is being played online. Just a few years ago, when the foundation Mozilla said it would have Google as the default search engine, managed to get tens of millions of dollars from the company.

Now that Google has acquired its own browser, it does not want to pay for a privileged position in Firefox. Let's see, however, what the company has made.

According to a related publication of, StatCounter Global Stats reports that in December Google had 75,2% in US search quotes. Bing follows with an 12,5% and Yahoo with 10,4%. So there is a drop of 2% for Google and an increase of 4% for Yahoo. The percentage may seem small, but if you can convert it to the money lost from the ads, it seems that Google is the big loser.

The same comparison should be done within a year to show more accurately the implications of the Mozilla decision. Until then, it looks like Yahoo is gaining ground.

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