The source code of the RIG Exploit Kit leaked

A hacker claiming to have developed part of the RIG Exploit Kit was disappointed when he did not normally receive his payments for malware updates and decided to leak the source code of the tool.RIG Exploit Kit hack

Originally, the hacker tried to sell RIG's services to HackForums, a site that is considered a paradise for script kiddies.

It was then written in a private underground forum where the administrators ban him, characterizing the scammer trying to trick members of the blackhat community trying to sell RIG services at very high prices.

So the unhappy hacker raised the source code and a sharing content sharing website and created a Twitter account from where he came in contact with different security researchers by showing the link to downloading RIG.

At first, there was no confirmation that the leaked code was actually the RIG Exploit Kit. However, several researchers have confirmed the authenticity of the code, which is "the latest version of the package."

The RIG Exploit Kit is a popular browser-based attack tool that can be used to deliver all sorts of malware, from banking Trojans to ransomware with encryption capabilities.

Leakage does not include exploits of RIG. For this reason, the researchers who analyzed the Exploit Kit by MalwareTech, decided to release the source code to the public. will provide the link to the source code, ONLY for research purposes. You can download the kit from the link below.

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