RM 25-01 was designed in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone

Have you lost in the woods and you have about one million dollars? Then the clock Richard Mille RM 25-01 Adventure will help you feel Rambo.

The watch was designed in collaboration with the actor-director (ss: as the saying goes) Sylvester Stallone, and is not just a simple chronograph. It has survival aids such as a compass, measures the level of alcohol and has stored water cleansing pills.RM 25-01

The RM 25-01, at first sight, appears to be a clock tool, with a diameter of 50,85mm and a thickness of 23,65mm.

As mentioned above, it has survival aids, but as we see the price of 983.000 dollars, it is quite excessive.

According to Richard Mille, who is trying to justify the price, the company's engineers spent months planning RM 25-01 properly. The Glucydur balance wheels, the stainless steel roller shaft and the 12,30mm turbine are visible from the front and rear to the inside of the frame.

The case that houses them is made of Carbon TPT made up of several layers and parallel threads. Titanium dominates and is sealed with two Nitrile O rings that make the watch waterproof to 100 m.

If you like it, you have to hurry, because only 20 pieces RM 25-01 have been manufactured for the whole world.

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