Contact lens with zoom and eye control

Lenses twice to zoom in: Επιστήμονες από το Πανεπιστήμιο της s, in San Diego, have managed to create a new robotic soft contact lens that allows you to zoom.

The contact lens will be able to be controlled with the movements of your eyes.


Eye movements, such as a blink, can convey potential of signal and such he says lead researcher Shengqiang Cai at New Scientist eye has electro-ophthalmic dynamics, even if you sleep:

Even if your eye cannot see anything, many people can move their bulb and generate an electro-ophthalmic signal.

So the scientists measured the electrical dynamics and found a way to use it to change the focal length of the lens.

Η argues that due to the soft materials used in the lens, the changes that can be made to the focal length can be up to 32%.

In the experiment, the team used a dielectric elastomer to achieve the required lens distortion that allowed them a longer focal length.

The scientists reported that this lens could be used in the future for optical additives, adjustable glasses and also remote robotics.

I bet many of you would need the news in their daily lives.

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