Extension to the Robotic Open Technologies competition

The organizing committee of the 1st Panhellenic Competition for Educational Robotics of Open Technologies, following requests from teams that want to participate, extends the deadline for participation in the competition until December 15, 2018.

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The 1st Panhellenic Competition of Educational Technologies of Open Technologies (https://robotics.ellak.gr/) is organized by 23 Universities and Research Institutions, 7 institutions and dozens of members of the educational community. The competition is addressed to groups of students of Primary and Secondary Schools and aims to introduce in education material and software that opens horizons, encourages students 'creativity, does not put barriers to students' ingenuity and initiative.

The competition concerns the creation of projects (artifacts) using open hardware and software technologies (Open Design, Open Software & Open Hardware), and the production of relevant open educational resources. Subjects may include automation, lighting-sound, sensor-environment, smart objects, early warning devices, autonomous vehicles, wareables, leisure, health-wellness applications, laboratory equipment, educational and educational projects, and IoT applications.

The competition is open to groups of primary and secondary school students. In the 1st phase of the Competition, they must submit their idea and its documentation by 15/12/2018. In this phase no construction is required but the detailed description of the idea and the equipment that will be used.

The organizing committee of the competition includes more than 100 members of the academic and educational community from Greece and Cyprus, who coordinate the competition and organize information meetings.

Read more about the contest at robotics.ellak.gr

Final submission of a proposal until 15/12/2018


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