Rodrigo Bijou Governments do not understand. We need hackers

O Rodrigo Bijou is an information security researcher, threats, analytics security and privacy technology. He has been awarded the Global Privacy Scholar by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Apart from the above, there is also a Watson Fellow for Exploring "Trust in Technology."

Bijou has worked in the past as a security adviser to financial and technology industries such as Palantir.

When he does not deal with hacking, Rodrigo writes policy analysis into reputable security magazines such as IHS Jane's Intelligence Review and the Harvard Law Review.

Rodrigo Bijou gave an amazing lecture at TED entitled: "Governments do not understand cyber warfare. We need hackers. ” The original title of the lecture is: “Governments do not understand cyber warfare. We need hackers ”and is available at TED. You can watch the video with Greek subtitles below.Rodrigo Bijou

The Internet has transformed the first lines of war, leaving behind governments. As security analyst Rodrigo Bijou shows, modern conflict is happening on the internet between non-governmental groups, activists and private businesses, and the digital landscape is proving to be a fertile ground for the recruitment and radicalization of terrorists.

Meanwhile, Draconian tracking programs are fully exploitable.

Bijou urges governments to stop massive monitoring programs and shut down "backdoors" and makes a bold appeal to individuals to take their seats.

Watch the video

Translation: Chryssa Rapessi
Editor: Angela Nevsechirlioglou

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