Rolls-Royce and Intel for autonomous ships

After two years of working with Intel, Rolls-Royce released a new intelligent intelligence system for shipping.

The system works with AI and will be used as the eyes and ears of large ships, bringing them a step closer to autonomy, according with Kevin Daffey, director of Rolls-Royce in the technology section for navigation.Rolls-Royce

The Intelligent Awareness System automatically processes data from LIDAR, radar, thermal cameras, HD cameras, satellites, and weather reports. With all this, a ship will be able to perceive its environment by detecting objects several kilometers away.

All of this data will exceed one TB per day, as Daffey said. The data will be stored on the ship using Intel 3D NAND SSDs. The system will collect about one month's data on the ship before uploading it to the cloud.

Meanwhile, the system will use Intel Xeon Scalable processors on ships and mechanical learning.

After training a system for several months on a Japanese passenger ship, Daffey said Rolls-Royce would provide the autonomous technology for all concerned.

"The goal is to increase maritime safety," he said, noting that about 70% to 80% of accidents at sea are caused by human error.

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