Ron Wyden: Backdoor for the authorities is backdoor for hackers

Ο Ron Wyden, a US senator urged Congress to pass laws that would prohibit the unforgivable spying of Divine Sam.

In a LA Times publication, Senator Ron Wyden said there is no secure way to create backdoors on mobile, tablets, computers and software without exposing them to hackers.Ron Wyden Ron Wyden Ron Wyden

Wyden, who this month proposed a bill banning government agencies from using backpacks, noted that the mechanisms and services that the US authorities want to use double the invitations to foreign governments and criminals wishing to breach systems and devices.

"The problem with this logic is that creating a backdoor on every cell phone, tablet or laptop means creating deliberate vulnerabilities that hackers and foreign governments can exploit," Wyden said.

"Custom backdoors do not motivate the development of products that are safe at a time when people need them more and more. If you want to build a wall with a hole, how do you invest in locks and barbed wire? ”

Senator Wyden notes that even state agencies have proved unreliable in keeping the data collected by citizens.

"For years, intelligence officials, such as the NSA and the Department of Justice, have made misleading and completely inaccurate statements to Congress about surveillance programs - not once, but repeatedly for more than a decade."

"These services are spying on a huge number of law-abiding Americans, and that does not make our country safer."

Let's say Mr Wyden is an exception that confirms the rule. But even if it is an exception, his voice was heard and was different from the others. Let's hope that others will follow suit because a cuckoo does not bring Spring.

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