Make your own mobile phone with a turntable

If you want to have a unique, old-fashioned mobile phone then look at this mobile phone with the rotating selection disc, reminiscent of the 1970s-2000s.

mobile phone

Brookhaven National Lab engineer Justin Haupt, has built one  mobile phone with a rotating dial for dialing numbers, which is not only functional, but also available to assemble yourself through a do-it-yourself kit. The kit is not cheap, it sells for $ 240, but if nothing else it is a unique mobile phone.

Of course do not wait for the comforts of one smartphone, as it is just a phone and nothing else. At its heart is a custom ATmega2560v mainboard, Adafruit Fona 3G cellular equipment and a rotary selector from a Western Electric Trimline phone, all housed in a 3D printed case.

It also features a small 2,1-inch screen that can display missed calls and other vital messages, and shortcut keys let you quickly select your favorite contacts. You can also check the rest of your battery life (lasts for about 24 hours) and signal strength. Of course the phone is not waterproof.

The kit includes only the motherboard and the 3D printed case, so if you want to make it you will have to do some other shopping.

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