Router Default Passwords all on your screen without installation

Router Default Passwords is a portable freeware for Windows-based devices and can be used to find the router's internal IP address as well as display predefined passwords.

Most Windows computers are connected to routers or modems to connect to the Internet. Many times, users of these devices leave them as they are with the factory settings, which means they can access via internal IP on the configuration page with pre-installed passwords.Router Default Passwords

This access may sometimes be necessary to set up new services, manage network configuration, change the wireless network password, port forwarding settings, or configure the built-in firewall that the router has.

Typically, experienced users know the internal IP address or use the ipconfig command to find and use it.

But the password is another story. If it has never changed, it is the default password that comes with the device. If you are lucky, it is on a sticker on the back of the device or the manual that accompanies it.

Router Default Passwords

If not, you will need to find the default factory default passwords. OR application Router Default Passwords will do it automatically for you.

It is a portable application (no installation required) and you can run it immediately upon download. The program is compatible with all supported versions of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10).

The program tries to locate the IP address of the router at startup and convert it into a link. With one click you can open the address in your browser.

The program does not recognize the router itself but lists the network adapter and a list of predefined passwords.

To search for your router's default password, simply click the drop-down menu and select its manufacturer.

Download the application


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