Zero Day in Huawei routers and modems, ZTE and others.

Russian Security Investigator Timur Yunusov has discovered several Zero Day vulnerabilities in 3G and 4G routers and modems using Huawei, ZTE, Gemtek and Quanta devices. Vulnerabilities allow attackers to violate devices by simple SMS but also through HTTP connections.Zero Day hacker

The survey and the Zero Day were first presented in detail in December to hackers who attended the Nullcon conference in Goa and unveiled un-patched security gaps from eight of the above companies.

Timur Yunusov, a consultant for Positive Technologies, discovered that Gemtek's Quanta and ZTE modems and routers are exposed to Shodan.

"All models contained critical vulnerabilities," says Yunusov. "Virtually all vulnerabilities could be exploited from afar."

Four of the eight modems and routers contain cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that allow for system infection, SMS tampering, and victim location.

zero day

"Since we can infiltrate a modem… we can also infect the computer to which the device is connected, which provides us with many ways to intercept computer data."

Let's say that Yunusov and his team showed us last year how an SMS could be used to get the attacker access to rail systems and derail trains. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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