Royole FlexPai is the fold-out that Samsung has won

Royole FlexPai: Samsung may be preparing for tomorrow's presentation of its new folding hybrid smartphone-tablet, but Royole stole a piece of the pie.
The company first released a folding mobile phone.

It is called the Royole FlexPai, and is a hybrid 7,8 inch device. It can fold into 180 degrees to allow it to be converted from tablet to phone, though it is quite bulky.

At an event in San Francisco last night, Royole presented a functional version of Royole FlexPai.

The FlexPai will be available initially in China and its basic price will be at 8.999 yuan or 1.300 dollars. At this price you will have 128GB storage space, and a total of 6GB.

The device will be released with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor at 2.8Ghz, eight cores. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1440 pixels and its battery is at 3.800 mAh.
We should mention that this device is a first-generation product, so problems may occur. In any case, innovation is innovation. The Amoled screen can be folded and according to Royole it can withstand 200.000 diplomas. What can be done then we do not know it.

See the presentation video

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