RSA to developers: Do not use our algorithm, the NSA has it

rsa-security-logoΗ RSA Security with an announcement to them developer today proposes to stop using their algorithm in their application toolbars, as it believes it is no longer safe after the NSA backdoor announcements.

The announcement provides developers with information on how to change the RSA default random number generator and notes that RSA has changed its defaults to BSAFE and RSA key management system, as he says Wired.

The company is the first to announce this publicly in the wake of the New York Times revelations that want the NSA to have access to the algorithm and use it for its spy actions.

In her announcement, RSA said that all versions of the RSA BSAFE Toolkits, including all their editions Crypto-C ME, Micro Edition Suite, Crypto-J, Cert-J, SSL-J, Crypto-C, Cert-C, SSL-C can be considered as insecure.

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