Rufus 3.20 option for automatic account creation

Several days ago, the developer of Rufus released the 3.20 beta version with several notable changes and new features.


After a short testing period, Rufus 3.20 stable is available for download from GitHub and the app's official website.

Rufus 3.20 brings new features that help users create Windows 11 installation media with less hassle. In addition to bypassing the TPM, SecureBoot, and Microsoft Account requirements, version 3.20 also adds the option to automatically create an account, as well as the ability to copy local settings from your current Windows installation.

Of course, Rufus isn't just about creating Windows 11 installation media. You can use the app to create bootable USBs with other operating systems, so version 3.20 comes with other improvements.

Read the changelog:

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