Rumuki secure your sex tapes

Rumuki: Are you getting used to storing sex tapes on your smartphone? If you do after all of what we've read since the camera started coming with every smartphone then we probably have a solution for you. There is an application that will keep the homemade (or non-) sex video clips you store on your device securely.

Currently Rumuki is only available for iOS. Available free of charge and is a video-encryption software that promises to protect your secret videos. The application essentially allows you and your partner to use two devices to record a video that can only be played later when both “actors” agree. . " Rumuki

Once recorded, the video is encrypted using two encryption keys stored on separate phones. One is for you and the other for your partner in crime. Each time someone wants to play the video, the Rumuki app asks the other party to "grant the license", that is, the decryption key. Each license is only valid for one reproduction.

The app also has other security features, such as video deletion. If you do not trust your partner or something is wrong with your relationship, the app offers you the ability to instantly delete the video.

To make things even safer, all the content keys and encrypted videos are stored exclusively on your devices. So videos and keys will never be found on third-party servers while the application does not keep copies.

In an attempt to gain the trust of application users, developers offer the app's source code for every control, also through the web page.

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