Russian police arrested a researcher from Kaspersky Lab

Russian authorities arrested Ruslan Stoyanov, one of Kaspersky Lab's leading security researchers, with charges falling under the 275 article of the Russian Criminal Code, which refers to betrayal.

Kaspersky Lab

According to today's report of Russian of the Kommersant newspaper, Stoyanov was arrested in December, along with Sergei Mikhailov, the head of the Russian intelligence secretariat (FSB).

In a statement also released today by Kaspersky Lab, the company reports that Stoyanov was arrested on the basis of his activities before joining the company and therefore the accusations against that employee do not include Kaspersky Lab.

The worker is head of Kaspersky Lab's computer cascade research team. No details have been made of the research, but according to the Russian newspaper quoting anonymous sources, Stoyanov participated in facilitating the transfer of funds from foreign companies to Mikhailov's accounts.

According to Stoyanov's account on LinkedIn, before joining Kaspersky Lab, he worked as a deputy director for a company called Indrik, but also as Major at the Ministry of Electronic Crime.

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