Russian police arrested a researcher from Kaspersky Lab

Russian authorities arrested Ruslan Stoyanov, one of Kaspersky Lab's leading security researchers, with charges falling under the 275 article of the Russian Criminal Code, which refers to betrayal.

Kaspersky Lab

According to today's report of Russian of the Kommersant newspaper, Stoyanov was arrested in December, along with Sergei Mikhailov, the head of the Russian intelligence secretariat (FSB).

In a statement also released today by Kaspersky LabThe states that Stoyanov was arrested based on his activities prior to joining the company and therefore the charges against the employee in question do not involve Kaspersky Lab.

The employee heads Kaspersky Lab's computer incident investigation team. Details of the investigation have not been released, but according to the Russian newspaper citing unnamed sources, Stoyanov was involved in facilitating it. of foreign capital on accounts of Mikhailov.

In accordance with of Stoyanov on LinkedIn, before joining Kaspersky Lab, he worked as a deputy director for a company called Indrik, and also as a Major at Electronic Crime. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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