Hackers leaked records from the personal computer of the president of the Russian Industrial Investment Fund

Russian rulers of the Rucyborg team announced another leak of data. This time, their target was the Russian Industrial Investment Fund, a semi-government investment company set up by a decree of the President of Russia.
"We are not going to say much today, except that Putin has lost his mind. "The Russian Industrial Investment Fund is one of the largest Russian companies 'non-profit,' as it says, but attracting new investment to the Russian economy." reported the hackers wrote on the Guerilla website along with the links to the leaked files.

The hackers claim to have access to files from the personal computer of the organization's president, Alexandr Bagnuk. The leaked documents say they contain information about "critical Russian business activities and the shady banking system."

In total, files over 900 Mb were leaked (two compressed files with a total size of 750 Mb). The hackers have also posted a preview of the files consisting of 39 images in imgur.com. A total of 1.400 documents, spreadsheets, image files, PowerPoint presentations and videos have been stolen.

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Most of the documents are written in Russian, but there are some in English. The files published by Rucyborg also include a copy of Bagnuk's police identity.

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