RustScan: scans 65 thousand ports in 8 seconds

RustScan performs a 17 minute Nmap scan in 19 seconds.
Find all open ports quickly with Rustscan, set the process to Nmap automatically.


  • Scans all 65 thousand ports in  8 seconds.
  • Saves you time with automatic Nmap input. No more manual copying and pasting!
  • It does only one thing but it does it well. Σits purpose is to improve Nmap and not to replace it!
  • We can choose which Nmap commands to run or use as default.

Why use RustScan?

Why run fast scans, scan ports manually, or wait for a 20-minute scan to complete when you can do it on all ports in less than a minute?


Information on installing and using the program, you will find here.

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