S mode add to ISO installation of Windows 10

S mode: In earlier publications we have mentioned that Microsoft stopped running Windows 10 S as a separate release. The company has announced the conversion of the version to "S mode", which can be activated in any version of Windows 10.

Below we will see how to modify an ISO image of Windows 10 Version 1803 or a later version.S mode

'S mode' or 'S mode', restricts the use of applications on your computer and allows only those installed by the Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 in S is Microsoft's answer to Google Chrome.
It offers limitations that, according to Microsoft, significantly improve and enhance the security of the operating system. Win32 applications that have been converted to Project Centennial (Desktop Application Conversion Tool) may run on Windows 10 S. However, Hyper-V is not available in S Mode.

Below we will see how you can add the function to ISO installation. It works only with the appropriate ISO image (Windows 10 version 1803 and up).

Download Windows ADK from here and install it.
Double-click the ISO file to open it with File Explorer.
Create a unattend.xml file by using information from the Windows .wim file and the .clg file. You can do this with Windows System Image Manager from ADK.
Add amd64_Microsoft_Windows_CodeIntegrity to Pass 2 offline Servicing.
Set amd64_Microsoft_Windows_CodeIntegrity\SkuPolicyRequired to 1. The offline servicing pass in the unattend.xml it should be:


Save the unattend.xml file to the Windows \ Panther folder of the image.
Use DISM to apply the unattend file and do not enable S Mode:

dism /image:C:\mount\windows /apply-unattend:C:\mount\windows\windows\panther\unattend.xml

In the above mode, S is applied to the Windows image. So when your computer starts, the Code Integrity policy applied in Windows 10 S will also be applied to Windows installation.

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  1. Windows S Mode. The reason is that a new laptop buyer who does not want to make a microsoft account, will curse microsoft and then look for a technician to format it with even a broken version ..

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