Safari is dangerously close to Microsoft Edge's rate

The February 2023 report from Statcounter has just been released with the latest details on the browser market.

The most interesting change in the findings is that Microsoft Edge is in danger of losing the title of "second most popular desktop browser" to Apple's Safari.safari 1

According to Statcounter, in February 2023, Google Chrome reached a market share of 66,12%. Its percentage is down just 0,29 points compared to January 2023. Microsoft Edge is second with 10,84% ​​(-0,24) while Apple Safari is third with 10,14% (+0,83) . Microsoft Edge has usually kept a safe distance from its macOS rival, but Safari seems to be getting dangerously close.

Firefox has stayed about where it was as it has a smaller market share at 6,84% (-0,03). Finally, Opera closes the list of top 5 desktop browsers with 3,21% (-0,2).

Google Chrome – 66,12% (-0,29)
Microsoft Edge – 10,84% (-0,24)
Apple Safari – 10,14% (+0,83)
Mozilla Firefox – 6,84% (-0,03)
Opera – 3,21% (-0,2)

desktop browser statcounterA chart showing year-over-year changes in the browser market.
On the mobile browser side, Google Chrome and Apple Safari share nearly 90% of the market, leaving the rest for Samsung Internet, Opera, and UC Browser.

Microsoft Edge's percentage remains too small to register in Statcounter's counters, and Bing's integration of artificial intelligence into Edge on Android and iOS seems unlikely to improve the situation. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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