Secure Internet Day Increase Internet and Complaints in Greece

For 12, the Safer Internet Day is celebrated on Tuesday. Safer Internet Day was first celebrated in 6 February 2004 in 16 countries, co-ordinated by the SafeBorders project and the Safer Internet program of the European Commission. safer internet

In 2005 the Pan-European Network of National Information & Vigilance Centers INSAFE took over the reins, and today the number of countries has exceeded 100 worldwide!image_gallery

The Information Action of the Hellenic Safer Internet Center, the official organizer of the celebration in Greece, invites users to act as "Ambassadors" and multipliers of this day, spreading this year's motto: "All together, for a better Internet!", and organizing events within your school, in your organization, in your local community.

As the Information Action says, the aim of this year's activities is to "act on your own as promoters of our messages and the goals of the Safer Internet program of the EU, without the need of our own physical presence or the presence of third parties, thus being truly ambassadors of our work. To support your initiatives, we provide you with all of the online material on our website, which has been enriched this year with new webinars. "

Seven out of ten Greeks use the Internet

The internet has grown into an integral part of the everyday life of the Greek, with seven out of 10, 69,7%, now using the Internet, and six out of ten, 60,4%, on a daily basis. Especially at younger age, use is triggered since young people of 13-17 age use the Internet at 96,9% (87% daily), while at 18-24, the percentage is set at 98,1% (94,4% daily) .

As mentioned in relevant post on the APR website, according to the latest data of the Web ID survey of Focus Bari, which was conducted on a sample of 12.000 people, aged 13-74, in the period October - December 2014, Internet penetration is at its highest level in the prefecture of Attica, reaching 76,8%, with Thessaloniki following with 73,7% and the rest of Greece being - on average - at 61,2%

Greek Internet users "surf" now more than 2 hours a day, with the average usage of the Internet in our country being 135 minutes. The men dedicate to the 140 minute tour online, with women following 129 minutes. Average daily Internet usage is increasing at younger ages as 18-24-age youngsters devote 177 minutes to the Internet and those of 13-17 years to 142 minutes.

Increasing Internet usage is also driven by older people, with the average time spent on the Internet being set at 101 minutes for the 65-74 age group and 111 minutes for 55-64 ages.

Switch to mobile

According to Focus Bari data, Greeks are still turning to mobile devices to browse the Internet. Mobile trend is mainly driven by young people aged 25-44 years, indicating in this direction that 58,8% of those intending to buy tablets in the next year come from this age category.

In detail, the access devices that are now used are the 41,9% mobile phone, 31,1%, 30,2%, 10,8%, and 0,6 %, connects through a smart tv device.

Social Media Fanatics

Greek Internet users are now fanatics of social media, since more than one in two, 52,4%, now use social media. Especially in the age group of 18-44 the use increases to 69,3%. Facebook is the social network with the most users in Greece, as the percentage of those who have an account on the popular website is 48,3%, second in the preferences comes google + with 9,2%, followed by Youtube with 8,7%, with Twitter following with 7,5%. The average time spent on social media is 77,9 minutes a day.

Online shopping

According to the Focus Bari survey, it is important to familiarize the Greeks with online shopping, as 23,7% chooses to make purchases via the Internet, with the relative percentages higher for men (27,5%) relative to with women (20,1%). According to Web ID, in the last 6 months, the average of online purchases was at 5,6, with the average cost reaching € 429.

Internet use by children

As far as the use of personal computers is concerned, at 7-12 years, penetration is 94,5%, while more than three out of five children use a computer on a daily basis. The use of the Internet amounts to 86%.

More than one in six children are connected via tablet / iPad (19,8%), while 41,9% selects laptop and 39,1% fixed, with 5,2% connected via mobile phone.

Also, more than two out of ten children aged 7 to 12 years have a cell phone. Specifically, 22,3% of boys and 19,4% of 7-12-year old girls have a mobile phone, while in the 7-9 category the usage percentages are 10,6% in boys and 8% in girls, while in 10-12 years is 34% in Boys and 30,8% in Girls.

Increase of complaints

About 3.500 complaints received 2014 the open line for illegal content on the Internet "Safeline". The feeling is that for the first time the percentage of complaints relating to child pornography websites reached 20% of total complaints.

The lion's share in the 2014 complaints was related to 35% privacy issues, followed by complaints about websites containing child pornography, whose share increased by 8% compared to 2013. (18%), spam (7%), 5%, 5%, 4%, racism (4%), %) and intellectual property issues (2%).

Social networks and Facebook in particular made 2014 their strong presence, as 30% of reports were related to violations and illegal activities on them.

In total, the line received 2014, 3.435 complaints, number decreased by 12% over the previous year (so the complaints were 3.904).

The Safeline line has been operating since April 2003 to promote the protection of minors from the dangers of the internet. The line is an official member of "INHOPE" (Open Internet Lines Association) and operates under the "Safer Internet EL SIC'Of the European Commission. To deal with complaints, the line cooperates with both the Greek Penalty Prosecution Unit and the other open complaints lines according to the country of origin of the site.

The information was announced on the occasion of the celebration of the Safer Internet Day, during which more 360 events will take place in schools in Greece.


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