Saferwall: Malware Analysis platform

Saferwall is an open source malware analysis platform.

It aims at the following objectives:

  • Sample sharing between malware researchers.
  • He works as a system expert to help researchers create an automated malware analysis report.
  • Hunting platform for finding new malware.
  • Quality assurance for signature before release.


  • Static Analysis:
  • Crypto hashes, packer identification
  • Strings extraction
  • Multiple AV scanners with built-in antivirus vendors:


  1. git clone
  2. sudo apt-get install build-essential.
  3. Rename example.env to .env
  4. make saferwall.
  5. We process deployments / values.yaml according to our needs.
  6. The logs are in elasticsearch as we will see below:

Current architecture / Workflow:

Here is a basic workflow that occurs when scanning a file:

  • The frontend communicates to the backend via REST APIs.
  • Backend uploads samples to the objects storage.
  • Backend sends messages to the scan queue.
  • The consumer takes the file and copies it to the shared nfs, avoiding sampling it in any container.
  • Οι καταναλωτές καλούν υπηρεσίες σάρωσης ασύγχρονα (όπως σαρωτές AV) μέσω κλήσεων gRPC και περιμένουν τα .

 Application snapshots


You can find the program here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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