SafeTheInternet 4 Million Signatures Against Article 13

SafeTheInternet: Before the final negotiations to be held this Thursday, activists are preparing to hand over to the European Parliament a petition against Article 13 that will be signed by four million people.

Legislators will try to agree on the final text of the controversial Article 13 this week.
In a vote in plenary in September, the European Parliament supported the controversial proposal of Article 13, which appears to be part of the EU's intellectual property reform plans.SafeTheInternet

Since then, the proposal has been modified in an attempt to gain broader support, but apart from copyright holders, too many are unwilling to make the upcoming bill.

Most dissatisfied are activists who do not support the anti upload filter. So through a report hosted on they were able to collect 4 millions of signatures.

Yesterday the report “Stop the censorship machine! Save the Internet! ” the "Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!"Has surpassed the four million signatures, making it one of the largest that has been hosted on the platform. With these impressive numbers of activists behind the SaveTheInternet campaign, they hope to make changes.

Tomorrow, the SafeTheInternet team will hand over the signatures to Axel Voss, European Parliament rapporteur for intellectual property rights, in Strasbourg. The activists tried to do it themselves in July when the petition had about one million signatures, but at that moment Voss was not willing to accept it. But he agreed to accept it later.

The timing of delivery of the report to Voss is not accidental. It is scheduled one day before the final trialogue meeting, during which the legislators will try to reach an agreement on the final text of the 13 article and other intellectual property reforms.

With the report, activists invite Members of the European Parliament to decide against Article 13, which may hinder freedom of information.

"This form of censorship could soon destroy the cultural rules of the Internet as we know them. "Blocking uploads, in combination with tampered algorithms, will lead to so-called overfilling by platforms, in order to avoid legal violations. warns the campaign website.


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