Sam Altman calls for the regulation of artificial intelligence

ChatGPT's developers have called on US lawmakers to move ahead with AI regulation, with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testifying before a US Senate committee about the potential – and pitfalls – of the new technology.

Altman argued that a new body should be created to license companies working around artificial intelligence. He said AI could be as important as "typography", but acknowledged the potential risks.

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He also acknowledged the sector's impact on the economy, with some jobs being replaced and potential redundancies in some industries.

"There will be an impact on employment. We are trying to be clear about that," he stressed. He said he was concerned about the potential impact on democracy and the possibility that artificial intelligence could be used to send targeted disinformation during elections.

At the same time, he made several proposals for how the new US agency could regulate the industry, including granting or removing licenses to artificial intelligence companies, noting that companies like OpenAI should be regulated independently.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said the technology could be revolutionary, but compared it to the invention of the atomic bomb. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal opined that a future dominated by artificial intelligence "is not necessarily the future we want."

"We have to maximize the good rather than the bad. Parliament now has a choice to make. We made the same choice when dealing with social media. We failed to seize the moment", warned the latter.

What is clear, according to the international media, is that there is cross-party support for a new agency to regulate the industry. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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