Samsung Chomebook Plus and Pro with Android & stylus support

Samsung deals with Chromebooks from 2011, but it seems time has come to show something more remarkable. The company presented two new Chomebook Plus and Pro. This time, any Android app can run from the Google Play Store, and will be the first stylish Chromebooks.

In fact, the two Chromebooks differ only on the processor and on their built-in graphics card. Plus uses a custom ARM chip, while Pro uses a faster Intel Core m3 processor. Chomebook

The other features are the same:

12.3 "2400 × 1600 touchscreen
3: 2 aspect ratio
stylus support
32 GB e.MMC storage space
720p camera
8 battery life hours
1.07kb weight and metallic design

Google added Android Chromebooks for first Chromebooks support in September, but it was limited to just a few models.

It will be nice to see more models, as with support for Android, and tablet support the tablets will be very useful for taking notes on hand.

The Chromebook Plus will be the first to be released in February and will cost 449 dollars. The Chomebook version with the Intel processor will be released in the spring and its price will certainly be more expensive. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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