Samsung original retractable device

Samsung, after launching the Galaxy S8, will deliver a much more impressive device with futuristic design of a foldable screen.

The company is reportedly developing a prototype for a smartphone with two monitors connected to each other with a hinge in the middle. The dual-screen folding mechanism will essentially allow the device to open up to 180 degrees, according to a publication on the Korean website The Investor.Samsung

According to the report, the company has already ordered the parts and plans to produce from 2.000 up to and including 3.000 originals in the first half of the year.

An unnamed source told the insider that "Samsung seems to be testing the dual-screen device to gather ideas for its upcoming folding mobile phone."

According to the publication, the Korean company is reportedly investing heavily in screening research efforts, with plans to develop a limited batch of retractable devices in the second half of this year.

Besides, we have heard too many rumors in the past that want the company to work on a flexible panel for folding mobiles.

According to information, this device is codenamed Galaxy X, but to date we have not seen a functional prototype.

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