Samsung Galaxy Fold from 1.980 Dollars

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Apple's iPhone is not the most expensive device, and it did not become the first smartphone to break the $ 2.000 barrier: It is the Galaxy Fold - Samsung's long-awaited device that launches folding smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Features of the device: the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a monster

Screen: 7,3-inch Infinity Flex display with 1536 × 2152 resolution, and 4,6-inch coverage screen at 840 × 1960
Save: 512GB Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS)
Cameras: Six cameras (three on the back, one forward when folded, two forward when opened)
Batteries: Dual battery
Finish: Cosmo Black, Space Silver, Martian Green and Astro Blue

The starting price for the LTE version is only $ 1.980, while the 5G version will no doubt be even more expensive.

Now I'm pretty sure if Galaxy Fold (which is expected to be released by 26 April) will cause the delirium caused by the first iPhone. The company on the other hand released other models (Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus). in case something goes wrong with the price of the Galaxy Fold.

Is a smartphone worth $ 2.000?

We will find out soon. The advantage this time is the trick of switching from a phone to a tablet.

And if Samsung manages to deliver a device that works smoothly and seamlessly, it could mean that the Galaxy Fold is not just a smartphone, but a replacement for a tablet or even a small laptop.



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