Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB storage

Samsung has announced several new Galaxy S10 mobile phones, but there is one of the three that stands out. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has 1TB of storage and is the most expensive Galaxy S phone to date, at $ 1.600.

The 1TB S10 Plus one of the most expensive smartphones we have seen to date.

Except, of course, Samsung 's foldable phone, the Galaxy fold, which costs $ 2.000.Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Let us mention once again that there is no smartphone worth $ 1.600, and so far we have mentioned the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X / XS / XS Max as expensive.

Regardless, Samsung believes that someone will want one smartphone with 1TB storage space which costs as much as a laptop. The S10 Plus (starting at $ 999.99) will feature a 4.100mAh battery, a 6.4-inch display and will be the only three Galaxy device released by the company to feature 1TB of storage.

As it seems, in the next period we will probably see smartphones that will need contracts in the insurance companies before we release them on the streets.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Ahead of the road companies are taking for us, give dollars to raise your ego.
See that in a little while your desire will become a necessity…


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