What Samsung did at Galaxy S6 to compete with the iPhone

The Galaxy S6 is a more modern device, and may look more like the iPhone, but it is debatable whether this is a better device if compared to the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6
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To be fair, the new device brings a lot of extra but: There is no doubt that its turn Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best Android devices available on the market, with the Galaxy S5 being the penultimate flagship of the series. Looking at the latter Samsung Galaxy S6, gives the impression that the company broke a very good recipe - plan in order to compete with the Apple iPhone.

The Galaxy S6 may be the modern device, but it is debatable whether it has a better design.

Let's take a look at what you will miss if you switch from the Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6.

Replace plastic with glass

Put an iPhone 6 upside down next to a Galaxy S5 and you will see. One is thin, elegant, glossy, and brittle, while the other is bulky, plastic, rather useable, and powerful.

Now do the same, but this time replace the Galaxy S5 with the new Galaxy S6. Now both devices are slim, sleek, shiny, beautiful, and very fragile.

Let's remind you that Gorilla Glass is strong, but the glass is glass.

Storage is no longer available

If you are accustomed to internal storage on the Galaxy S along with a microSD backup card then the news is bad as you already know. There is no microSD card slot on the Galaxy S6, while the Galaxy S5 could be microSD up to 128GB.

There is no longer waterproofing

Of course you could not go for diving with the Galaxy S5 but the device offered a level of waterproofing that most smartphones are unable to offer.

The removable battery no longer exists

Few keep a spare battery on them, but the choice of removable battery was nice, especially if the device gets old and problems are starting to occur. It could have been much quicker and much easier (not to mention the cheapest) to change a battery by changing the entire device.

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