Samsung announced a motion controller for the Gear VR

Samsung announced a motion controller for Gear VR during the Mobile World Congress, which is finally coming to grips with the biggest problem with the device.

The controller looks like a comparison with the HTC Vive remote. In front there are home, back and volume buttons, while on the back there is the trigger button, as well as a clickable trackpad. The device inside it has an accelerometer, a gyrometer and a magnetic sensor.VR Gear

It is powered by two AAA batteries, which can provide 40 life days with two hours of daily use. There is also a strap on the new device to hold the controller.

Let's say it was time for Samsung to present an official auditor. The Gear VR has some of the best riveting experiences compared to Rift or Vive, but uses a small touchpad that is cumbersome.

Of course, you could use a Bluetooth controller, but the VR works best with motion controls.

Samsung has not announced a price or a release date. Let's hope the new device is included with all future versions of Gear VR.

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