Samsung gives 100 dollars for every Note 7 exchange

When Samsung started to have problems with Note 7, it offered the owners of the 25 device dollars for the inconvenience it caused. But as users started to look at other phone brands, it appears that the company realized that they might need to be more motivated to stay on the Galaxy platform now that it completely stopped the availability of Note 7.

So the company announced today that its customers can return their devices and receive "up to $ 100 gift." This applies to customers who choose to change Note 7 for another Samsung smartphone. Samsung-note-7

As for those who had already taken 25 dollars from the original recall the Samsung they will give them extra 75 dollars.

To be clear, the credit of 100 dollars is valid for the return of Note 7 and is deducted from the price of the other phone of the company chosen by the owner, or some other accessory at the time of purchase.

For more information on the new revocation process, please see the official announcement below.

As for Greece now, you can check in the official announcement of the company, whether the offer will come here in the next few days

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