Samsung Qihoo 360: spyware on company devices

Τα τηλέφωνα και τα tablet της Samsung φαίνεται να περιέχουν κάποιο spyware που επικοινωνεί τακτικά με servers στην .

A Publication on reddit mentions a well-known feature called Device Care and it is available on all Samsung phones and tablets.


As Samsung itself confirms, the "Storage" module of Device Care "feeds the 360", but does not provide information on what information it sends to China.

Qihoo 360 is the company Samsung is referring to, and it has reportedly been involved in various piracy scandals. of data.

The user who started posting on reddit reports that με τέτοια επιχείρηση και η πρόσβαση της σε όλα τα of the device is extremely dangerous.

"The 'Storage' module on your phone has full access to all your personal data (as part of the system) and sends this data to the Chinese government when required."

A closer look at Device Care's "Storage" module reveals that when launched, the feature communicates with several servers in China, although it is not yet known which data it sends.

"Unfortunately I was not able to analyze what exactly was transferred to the servers, as I had to make a man in a middle attack on my phone, which requires root access," said the researcher.

Meanwhile o of Device Care requires root access. Samsung customers have already started posting on the official requests forum a request to remove the Qihoo 360 software from Device Care. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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