Recall Samsung 2.800.000 washing machines

Samsung's problems are not over, and things seem to be getting worse. The company announced a recall at 2.800.000 top-load washing machines after reports that the devices have problems in use.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued the revocation announcement today, warning the owners that the use of the washing machines could cause injuries.dump Samsung

"In top-load washing machines the bucket can be detached from the chassis during use… The recall concerns 34 models of Samsung top-load washing machines. The washing machines have model numbers and serial numbers and the information can be found on two labels on the back of the machine… ”

According to the Consumer Product Safety Committee, the South Korean company has so far received "733 reports of washing machines showing excessive vibration or detachment of the bin from the washing machine chassis."

Nine of these incidents have resulted in injuries, with a broken jaw, a shoulder injury and many more.

Earlier this year, the company “won"A collective action after several consumer complaints again about explosions in washing machines.

Speaking of explosions, let us remember the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which eventually forced the company to stop producing and disposing of it completely.

If you own a Korean washing machine, make sure that you and your family are not in danger. More information on the models to be recalled can be found on the following page:

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