Samsung stop using Galaxy Note 7

Samsung device owners live great moments! Another Mass Déjà vu: The company is stopping sales of Galaxy Note 7 (again) after recent reports of explosion in mobile replacement. Yes what is supposed to be safer.

Below the latter stated the company: Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will ask all global partners to stop selling and exchanging Galaxy Note 7 while conducting the survey.

We are working with the relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recent reported cases of Galaxy Note 7. Because consumer safety remains our top priority, Samsung will ask all global retailers and retailers to stop selling and exchanging Galaxy Note 7 while the research is taking place.

Consumers with either a Galaxy Note 7 prototype or by replacing the device should disable it and stop using it.

If you did not understand: if you are the owner of the device, stop using it now.

Samsung of course to survive as a company will have to work very hard to restore the trust of its customers.

Rumor has it that the company is working on the release of the S8 - as soon as February - to make up for the disaster with the Note 7.

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