Sandboxie your free Sandbox

Sandboxie runs your programs in a secluded place that prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data on your computer. It is ideal for opening files that you do not know about attending, or you feel dangerous and unreliable.
The application along with a good antivirus can add an extra layer of security to your system.

Our company plan shows how Sandboxie worksSandboxie


The red arrows show the changes that result from a program running on your computer.

The "no sandbox" box on the hard drive shows the changes caused by a program running normally.

The box with the title "with sandbox" shows the changes from a program running within Sandbox.

Animation shows that Sandboxie is able to track changes and isolate them inside the sandbox, depicted as a yellow rectangle.

It also demonstrates that grouping these changes makes it very easy to mass-delete them.

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The publication was made at the prompt of a reader and friend of Thank you so Giorgo Koliou.

Here are some notes of George

The sandbox basically runs the broswer or any other application you choose to run through this program, isolated!

Automatically discards any malicious code (or uncertificated code) that goes to run. It is enough to close and reopen the application you run through sandboxing. It also appears in the video below.

Also for those who use it, it is advisable to clean the sandboks content at regular intervals.

Sandbox -> DefaultBox -> Delete Contents.

Something else that can confuse new users is saving files from the internet. As we said, the broswer will run in a secluded environment, so whatever you download, you will only see it through sandboxie, how does it change? Just by choosing:

Sandbox -> DefaultBox -> Quick Recovery

and choosing Recover To Any Folder, so when downloading photos, torrents, etc., Sandboxie asks if you want to save them on the computer and it's good to do it so you will not be confused with what is isolated and what is not.

A negative I noticed after a long time using Sandboxie is the crash of the shockwave flash in live streaming on chrome.

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