Sandboxie v1.0.22/5.55.22

Sandboxie is an application isolator that allows you to run software on Windows in a controlled environment. To do this, Sandboxie takes control during application installation and isolates all file accesses and the registry of your computer.


David Xanatos has released Sandboxie v1.0.22/5.55.22 on Githib. Sandboxie was developed by Sophos for application virtualization and later released as open source.

Sophos acquired the Sandboxie application from Invincea, which had acquired it from the original developer, Ronen Tzur.

It is an isolation software that uses sandbox on 32 and 64-bit Windows NT operating systems. David Xanatos took the freely released source code and further developed it as a fork. His project is available on the page GitHub Sandboxie.

The new version brings a few fixes as well as some minor features, most notably support for the new Windows 11 Explorer context menu. To enable it, the setting must be changed manually in Windows 11. Some subsequent installation update will automate the new feature in Windows 11.

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