Satan Free Ransomware as a Service is released online

If at any moment you hit a ransomware encoding the names of the encrypted files using the .stn extension, then you are a victim of Satan, not the "Prince of Darkness," but the homonymous new Ransomware service. Yes a new Ransomware as a Service is released online.

The new ransomware was detected on Wednesday by Xylitol security researcher and as it turns out, the new RAAS is marketed through underground forums.Satan

Anyone can use Satan for free, as reported by the seller, but should give 30 a percentage of each successful ransom payment in return for the service.

A visit to the Tor's website reveals a well designed page that offers users the ability to create a variation of malware to their preferences.

Stakeholders can choose dropper hide techniques and have the ability to translate the ransom note, change ways to communicate with the victim, or choose how malware will communicate with them.

Through this site, registered users using the service can also see how many of the attacks with the ransomware were successful, and the amount they have earned so far.

Right now, we do not know the Satan encryption method, so it's probably too early to talk about a decryption tool.

So beware of your online walks because, unfortunately, Satan RAAS is extremely easy to use and accessible to anyone who has no hesitation even if it does not have any special knowledge.

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