Save WebP as PNG or JPEG for Firefox

You may have come across a "new" image format known as WebP. It has been around for about a decade, and was created by Google. Today it is used by many websites.

The annoyance you will discover (if you do not already know) in the form WebP is that it is not supported by many image editors. So when you download an image WebP, you will probably not be able to edit it. Of course you can not save it in a different format directly.

Recently, an add-on called Save was released WebP as PNG or JPEG (Converter). The extension is very useful because it converts and saves images WebP in some editable format and analysis.

Once installed, in Firefox you can find it by right-clicking on an image WebP as shown below

Select Save WebP as or Save WebP as and many options will appear to the left of the image.

You can select the format you want to save the image to (PNG, JPG, GIF) but also the quality (100/92/85/80/75%) of the JPG format.

Download the extension

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  1. I again save it with a right click and change the ending to jpg… am I doing something wrong ??? Because even so, it saves them fine… ..

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