Schleswig-Holstein leaves Microsoft open-source

The North German state of Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch to open source software… he says Mike Saunders from LibreOffice.

"By the end of 2026, Microsoft Office will be replaced by LibreOffice and the 25.000 computers used by civil servants (including teachers) and the Windows operating system will be replaced by GNU / Linux."sh 3

The Foss Force website reports:

That seems to be over, as the steps to transition from proprietary to open source have already been approved by the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, says Jan Philipp Albrecht, the state's minister of digital governance, in an interview.

A German computer magazine was published on (Google Translate version). In the interview, Albrecht said that the transition to open source is already underway and noted that 90% of management meetings during the pandemic were conducted using the Jitsi open source video conferencing platform.

"We have been testing LibreOffice in our IT department for two years now and our experience is clear: it works," he said.

"This also applies, for example, to editing Microsoft Word documents with comments…"

The Linux distribution that they will use as a template has not yet been selected, but they are considering five different distributions that suit their purposes.

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