School manager stole naked photos from student phones

A former high school principal in Kentucky in the United States has been sentenced to nine years in prison for child pornography after he confessed to searching for nude photos on confiscated student phones and uploading them online.

The convict is named Stephen Kyle Goodlett, 37, a former principal of LaRue County High School (LCHS) in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He worked from July 2012 to October 2016, when he was fired after local police launched an investigation into allegations of child pornography depicting high school students in the area.

According court documents, Goodlett admitted that when he worked as the headmaster of the school, he confiscated students' mobile phones and searched for devices for nude photos and videos.

When he found sensitive data, Goodlett put the photos and videos on a USB stick and uploaded some of them to Anon-IB, a Russia-based image sharing forum.

His plan came to light when one of his former students discovered these photos on the internet. The former student lodged a complaint with the local police, which reached the former principal from the IP address he used to upload the photos to the site.

Police of course searched Goodlett's home in October 2016, and found 436 photos and 11 child pornography videos on various of his devices. Goodlett was arrested in December 2016 and formally charged in January 2017.

Goodlett admitted that he was addicted to pornography and in his confession he said that he exchanged nude images on the Russian website with other photos of child pornography.

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