The Top 10 of Science for 2014

The landing of the Philae robotic space device on 12 November at 67P / Tsiriomof / Geraimenko was declared the NOXXX achievement of the year that leaves, from the Physics World Review issued by the London-based Physics Institute.philae

The adventurous landing of the robot lab was considered fundamental to space science, although the Philae went out of battery as he bounced several times on the uneven surface of the comet and eventually landed in a shady place that did not allow its recharging from the sun's rays.

He did, however, collect and send valuable scientific data to the Earth, and it can not be ruled out, at some point within 2015, that he "be resurrected".

The list of scientific ... miracles

Ten for 2014 complements several other important achievements from various fields of physics such as:

* Detection of neutrinos from nuclear reactions in the "heart" of Sun by the international research consortium Borexino.

* A laser-powered experiment at the US National Combustion Plant (NIF), which brought closer the realization of nuclear fusion and thus a new source of cheap energy.

* The creation by British and American scientists of the first acoustic radius of attraction that can attract an object through sound waves.

* Challenge from an international team of mini-explosions of super nova-type explosions in the lab.

* The measurement by Israeli researchers for the first time of an excessively weak magnetic interaction between two electrons.

* The creation by a Russian and American scientist of a new holographic memory, which allows the storage of data in magnetic holograms.

* Compression of quantum data by Canadian researchers.

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