Scotty: Teleportation of objects by German scientists

Scotty: Teleportation, or "radiation", as it became known from "Star Trek", is one of the oldest dreams of science fiction, and by extension of science and technology in general (even if in some cases its use does not had such a pleasant effect, judging by the cinematic "Fly" - "The Fly" of 1986).Scotty Teleporting Physical Objects

The device created by German scientists does not just "teleport" objects in the sense that it does not transport the object itself elsewhere but somehow manages to provide such a service by scanning an object and then creating elsewhere, through three-dimensional printing.

As mentioned in a relevant publication by Telegraph, since the device is, in a way, a very early "prototype" for a teleporter like Star Trek, its creators called it "Scotty"(From the famous" Beam me up, Scotty! "By Master Kerk, which is one of the most characteristic phrases in the series).

The device scans small objects with a layer-mattress camera, as it also destroys it. This process, done in layers, makes it possible to create a detailed image / model of the object, including cavities inside it.

This exact model is then encrypted and transmitted over the Internet to a second device that reconstructs it through 3D printing. This whole process is not easily understood by the user, who only has to place the object on the sender, name the recipient and press the transfer button.

Its creators report that their machine practically "relocates physical objects over long distances".
"Scotty guarantees that a personal, handmade gift remains unique when it is sent over long distances, as there is no other copy - an important dimension that emphasizes the relationship of intimacy between the sender and the recipient", reads the paper.

The team at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany plans to develop more sophisticated versions of the device, allowing for more accurate reconstruction of objects.


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