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ScreenRec is a free app to record what's happening on your screen without watermarks. As we mentioned it allows you to record your desktop with one click and also share it instantly.

It's a new productivity tool that helps you communicate faster with instant personal video messages and screenshots.screenrec

This lightweight desktop application uses as few resources as possible, but allows you to take and annotate screenshots, It also allows you to record your screen, web camera, computer audio and microphone. Thanks to the Cloud Recording technology, no time is needed for the upload. You get a universal share link once you complete each registration.

The app is simple and easy, but built on top of a premium business video platform, giving you access to advanced features like content security, privacy control, publishing, analytics and content management.

ScreenRec is currently trusted by 250.000+ users to reduce the need for meetings, cut down on email, and communicate more effectively across different locations and time zones.

What the app does:

  • It records your screen
  • Audio recording
  • Register your microphone
  • Screen recording up to 4k@150fps with no lag
  • Web cam registration
  • Capture and comment on screenshots
  • 2GB of free video hosting
  • Cloud registration. Your videos are automatically uploaded in real time to a secure video hosting platform — StreamingVideoProvider.
  • Files are saved in .MP4 format, which can be played on any device
  • The files can be downloaded at any time to the user's device
  • Users receive a private, shareable link immediately
  • Extremely light
  • Video encryption. No one can download the videos without the express permission of the user.
  • Unlimited registration time when you create a free account. There is a 5 minute registration limit before registration.
  • No ads
  • No watermarks
  • It is a desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac

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