ScreenTranslator: Translate text from images

ScreenTranslator is a free open source tool that can translate text from images using OCR.

Translating text from other languages ​​can be done with the help of online services such as Google Translate, Bing and other translation services. You can also use desktop programs such as GT4T. But when it comes to translating content from images, things can get more complicated. Then you should use OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

The ScreenTranslator είναι ένα εύχρηστο πρόγραμμα OCR που μπορεί γρήγορα να μεταφράσει λέξεις από εικόνες σε μορφή κειμένου. Αν και σχεδόν όλα τα μεγάλα προγράμματα μπορούν να μεταφράσουν μέσω OCR, το λογισμικό Screen translator is based on open source Tesseract OCR and so you can safely install and use it without fear of being impatient with your habits.

The ScreenTranslator comes in a ZIP file and export to a folder about 224MB in size. When you run the program for the first time, the program will display some notifications warning you that no recognition languages ​​are available and that you must install some to get started.

ScreenTranslator is available for Windows and Linux. The application is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Of course, like all programs, ScreenTranslator is not perfect. If the source image has some stylized text or an unusual font, the program has a hard time recognizing it.

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